Traditional artist. Crazy cat man. Hummingbird admirer. Succulent gardener. Art Nouveau enthusiast. Macabre romantic. Nerd.

Glenn Arthur was born in 1979 among the now extinct strawberry fields of Orange County, CA. As a latchkey kid throughout his youth, he was raised by after school specials, comic books, and Saturday morning cartoons. He became interested in art at an early age trying to emulate every bit of pop culture he saw by drawing on napkins and notebook paper while constantly filling in coloring books with any colorful medium he could get his hands on.

Glenn studied art at bookstores, cafes, and libraries. Sitting in the stacks of the art section for hours on end, he would soak up whatever visually inspired him. His artistic style would become heavily influenced by the pinup illustrators of the 1940’s as well as the Art Nouveau movement of the late 1800’s. Heavily detailed Victorian and Rococo aesthetics tickled his fancy while bold, modern graphic arts fueled his love of clean lines and symmetry. Although he was constantly drawing and sketching, Glenn did not come into painting until his late twenties when a friend forced a paintbrush into his hand and said, “You need to do this!”

Glenn began showing his work publicly when a local gallery assistant insisted that he join their art show. Since then, Glenn has been exhibiting his paintings and drawings at galleries and art events all over the globe. He has collaborated with several art companies and is sponsored by Trekell Professional Art Supplies.

The influence of Glenn’s nostalgic past continues to inspire his art with a wink to bygone eras and a nod to the future. A touch of whimsy and a splash of the macabre can always be found in his work and every piece is lovingly punctuated by one of his signature hummingbirds.


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